Personal Questions

In the few short weeks I have been here, I have been asked my age several times by Mongolians. Here, it’s not a personal or taboo question, it’s about on par with asking someone “Where are you from?” or “What’s your profession?” I like it, people seem open and non-judgmental, and no one is self-conscious about their age in the way people in the States are.

But yesterday I got a question that will take some getting used to. Seemingly out of the blue, a Mongolian woman, who I have spent time with just a few times since we have been here, asked me how many kilos I was. I told her unfortunately I only know my weight in pounds. After that she just said I seemed like the perfect weight — not too big and not too skinny. It was a sweet compliment, so funny to be preceded by such a personal question, but I will get used to this. I’m not sure if I should learn my weight in kilos to be prepared for the next time I am asked this, or use my poor metric conversion skills to dodge the question.

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