For so long we have been looking forward to going to the countryside of Mongolia. Last weekend — the first weekend our car was in town — we were off. We stayed at a ger camp, a common way to stay outside of the city. The camp was in Gun Galutt Nature Reserve, about 115 km south east of UB and a 2 hour drive. Look for pictures of the camp in a future post.

It was amazing. We were in a river valley surrounded by green mountains, and I got to soak in the wide open spaces that my Texas soul loves so much. There were herds of horses, cows, sheep and goats moving in and out of and around the park, and there were barely any people.

There’s our car! The small dot!
There’s our car! The small dot!

We were looking forward to being able to drive anywhere and park anywhere and hike anywhere. It did not disappoint. Saturday we arrived, drove around until we found a nice looking set of peaks, pulled up to the foot of a mountain, and started walking. I’m happy to say that this climb was much easier than my first climb just outside of UB.

When we got higher we came across a small heard of horses enjoying the mountain breeze (it apparently keeps the flies at bay). The views from the top were amazing. And there was no one else out there. Incredible.

That night we had some Mongolian vodka under the stars by the river. It was a cloudy night, but for a few minutes the sky was mostly clear, and it had so many more stars than I have seen in a long time. The next day we went horseback riding on Mongolian horses, I’ll post a couple pictures of that another time. After horseback riding we had lunch, then packed up and headed for home.

Such a good weekend. We’ll be in the countryside the next two weekends — we may just get out of town every week until it gets too cold. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the scenery.

Below are photos of:

Park Views

Steppe Nomad Hiking-002 Steppe Nomad Hiking-003 Steppe Nomad Hiking-004 Steppe Nomad Hiking-006 Steppe Nomad Hiking-007 Steppe Nomad Hiking-008

View from the top
View from the top

Photos of UsSteppe Nomad Hiking-016 Steppe Nomad Hiking-017 Steppe Nomad Hiking-018 Steppe Nomad Hiking-019 Steppe Nomad Hiking-020 Steppe Nomad Hiking-021 Steppe Nomad Hiking-022

Wildlife Steppe Nomad Hiking-010 Steppe Nomad Hiking-011 Steppe Nomad Hiking-012 Steppe Nomad Hiking-013 Steppe Nomad Hiking-014 Steppe Nomad Hiking-015Steppe Nomad Hiking-023Steppe Nomad Hiking-009

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