Fancy Pants KFC

Mongolia KFC-002Tom and I held out a full month before visiting the Colonel. KFC is new to Mongolia and the first American chain to open here (there’s Cinnabon, but that doesn’t count because it’s breakfast, not dinner).

My report: The chicken was good, tastes just like it does in the States. There are no biscuits, which was sad, and they don’t put ice in the cokes, which is also sad. They do give you little wet wipes, which is great. We don’t know how they are translating “original” vs. “extra crispy” in Mongolian, so we couldn’t specify which recipe we wanted. They did use a lot of wings in the 9-piece bucket, which is not so cool, but I’ll forgive them since I do love fried chicken, and they are my lone supplier in UB.

The restaurant itself is nicer than any KFC I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why they decided that the UB market warranted more trendy decor for fast food fried chicken, but it was crowded and popular with the locals.

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