Nairamdal Meeting Ger

Narandal HeaderFor the past few weeks I’ve been spending time with the International Women’s Association of Mongolia (IWAM). IWAM takes on charitable projects and organizes social events for the membership of expat and Mongolian women. Most of the members are spouses from western countries whose husbands are working in the mining industry in Mongolia. The majority are Aussies, although I’ve met women from England, Canada, Scotland, Sweden, and the States, and there are some Mongolian members.

The IWAM women have been so friendly and welcoming. We’ve been bowling, volunteered at an orphanage, met for coffee, put together newborn packets to be donated to the maternity hospital, had extra Mongolian lessons, and they even had a lunch so I could meet people. They’ve also been a great resource in helping me to get to know the city. Such a good group.

About two weeks ago, we went outside of the city to Nairamdal, an International Children’s Camp, for the monthly meeting. We walked around the grounds some, but it was a misty rainy day so we spent most of the time in the meeting ger. I didn’t see many kids, I’m not sure if they were in session that day.

I was surprised to see there were houses and some giant mansions once you got outside of the city. They were so far from the city center, especially with all of the traffic. I wonder who lives in them. Even with the clouds the countryside outside of the city was beautiful — the rolling grass hills just look so green and peaceful and soft and velvety. I of course saw the best of them on the bumpy van ride there, so no landscape photos.

I did manage to get a few pictures of the ger we were in. It’s not traditional: this was set up as a meeting space, but traditionally a ger is set up as a home with beds and more practical furniture. I’m also told this particular ger’s chandelier is unusual. I guess the camp wanted to class up the decor.

Narandal 1

Narandal 2
Cows cruising past our ger door.

Narandal 4

Narandal 3

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