Saraa and Senators

DSC_0103Two weeks ago we had some special visitors: an uber-famous Mongolian pop star sang at a happy hour (seriously) and two senators came to Mongolia over a weekend.

Senators Whitehouse and McCain came here for some official business, but I didn’t see them. I did however see Sarantuya (Saraa) perform at happy hour. Congressional delegations are not uncommon, but a huge celebrity performing for our little group? — Crazy.

The Mongolian staff who know her music was so excited to see Saraa and it was great. Saraa has been performing since the late ’80s, she was described to me as the Mongolian Celene Dion, but I don’t know if that quite captures it. At one time she was the best selling Mongolian artist (maybe she still is), and the media describes her as Mongolia’s pop queen.

I can testify to the fact that she does have an amazing voice, she’s a great performer, and she seems super nice. One of our staff got to sang a duet with her, and I think that made his year. After her performance, she hung around and mingled and took pictures with every person who wanted a photo. Sadly, Tom missed the performance, but he did get to meet the senators.

Also, if you’re wondering about the background, most of the happy hours have a theme. This one happend to be Hawaiian. Of all the themes for Tom to miss…

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