Eating in Istanbul

I have decided that when in Turkey, my favorite meal is breakfast. Everything I had for breakfast every morning was delicious, but it was the kaymak (delicious Turkish cream spread) that won me over.

Mmmm, Turkish breakfast...
Mmmm, Turkish breakfast…

In general, we were looking forward to eating in Istanbul, but the city had an unexpected surprise for me. Not more than 4 blocks from our hotel there was a Shake Shack! In the past I wouldn’t eat at an American chain while out of the country — You’re traveling to experience other cultures right? And the food in Turkey is so good, isn’t it? But, as it happens, we live in Mongolia, and there are some things I just miss. In the end I just got a milk shake (I’ve since found some good ice cream in UB, but it’s still not the same) and added baklava and pistachios to make it Turkish food.

Turkish Shake Shack

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