Lamb Update: New Year’s Eve Dinner

Last year we bought a whole lamb, and New Year’s Eve I finally cooked it. I made sort of a north African braised lamb shoulder with a recipe from Alice Waters, and it was *delicious.* Despite this, I don’t know if I’ll get another lamb this year. It turns out the one we bought was quite small, and I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble for the amount of meat you get. Using both shoulders, there was only enough for dinner for two, no leftovers. But, it was a very tasty lamb.


And in case you were wondering how I got the whole lamb from steppe to table: when I last posted, I wrote that I had purchased a whole lamb that was sitting in my friends’ tub thawing. The next morning I went over to these friends’ house to get the lamb, and they had cut it all up for me! I put the cuts into plastic bags, (forgot to label them, making locating the shoulder for NYE dinner a small challenge), loaded them into my backpack, and walked home with a pack of meat. Never expected I would employ my backpack for such work. The lamb fit surprising well in a freezer once it was all cut up, where it is ready for another meal.

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