Burma: Flying Out of Yangon

We are in the middle of a big exciting trip in southeast Asia visiting Burma, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Right now, I am in the Yangon airport in Burma waiting on our flight to Inle Lake. Check-in for the flight was amazing: they hand-wrote my boarding pass and didn’t worry about filling in the slot for my name. But, they did give me an Air Bagan sticker for my shirt, like they do sometimes when you buy a museum ticket. I should also say that people at the airport were so helpful when we had no idea where to check in.

We just spent three lovely days in Yangon, so far we love Burma. In Yangon the foliage is lush and tropical, people are friendly, the roads are paved and big, and traffic was light. It is just such a pleasant place. One of Tom’s friends from training is posted here, and we caught up and swapped stories. She was also a fabulous hostess and did such a great job showing us the city and introducing us to the country.

More pics to follow when we get home, but here is a picture from one of the city’s many parks with the city’s biggest Buddhist complex in the background. An amazing place.


… Since I know this won’t post till I have an internet connection I’ll give you an update.

The flight was short, and U.S. carriers take note: they served us an actual meal. It wasn’t bad either. We landed in a small airport where baggage claim was you standing by the door and someone putting bags in a pile by the door, and it was exceptionally fast. UB airport should take note of this one. Also, this tinie tiny airport had a sign boasting free wi-fi. I didn’t test to see how good it was, but still pretty cool.

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