New Foods: Yak’s Milk, Camel, and Mongolian Cake

In the last week or so I have tried even more new Mongolian animal products: camel meat, a snack made from Yak’s milk, and cake iced with frosting made with Mongolian milk curds.

Some of these descriptions may sound weird to you, but remember that Greek yogurt is make from fermented milk and cheddar cheese is make of milk curds. I’ve noticed that some people just seem to have an aversion to some dairy-related lingo.

Camel: I can’t really say too much about the camel because it was ground up and in chili, but I did like the chili.

Yak Aaruul: For this, yak’s milk is used to make aaruul (photo below), and I can say it was not my favorite. Aarul is a snack, sometimes with sugar added, that is made out of milk curds (aarts, description below) that have been dried. This version of aaruul was a little more fermented and grassy than I would prefer. But, I’ll try yak milk again — the thing about dairy here is everyone makes their products a little differently, and maybe I’ll like the next thing I try.


Cake With Aarts Icing:  On International Women’s Day I had a cake with frosting made with aarts, which is the curds that come from yogurt (or milk that has been allowed to curdle). It doesn’t always taste the same, and I think some people let it ferment more than others. The cake I had was pretty good. The aarts was added to a whipped cream frosting and the flavor wasn’t too strong, but it gave the cake a new dimension of flavor that, for me, was neither better or worse.

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