Weddings on the Square

SquareWeddings1I love Mongolia’s central square (Chinggis Square, formerly Sukhbaatar Square, which is what I still think of it as) because there’s usually a random, motley crew of activities going on.  These photos were taken in the summertime; now there is an ice rink at the end of the square and the skies aren’t so clear thanks to wintertime pollution.

SquareWeddings3On any given day there are kids riding rented bikes or these little plastic cars, I guess everyone wants to take advantage of the open space the fact that it can be a good place for kids to play. There are people walking to work or to shop, there are others just hanging out, and on auspicious days when it’s a lucky day to get married, there are tons of wedding parties rotating through to get pictures in front of the giant statue of Chinggis Khan.


Cars for the wedding party get decorated with ribbons and tulle.

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