Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is not a traditional Mongolian activity, but some people have started doing this for the tourists. My verdict: it was fine, not a must-do in a lifetime. I’ll take riding horses any day. I’m not sure that a frozen river without much snow is an ideal track for sledding.

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding-002Dog Sledding-004
Full disclosure, I at one point I was thrown from my sled and I have an enormous bruise as a souvenir. (Think the bruise from A League of Their Own but thankfully not quite that big.) In fact, everyone I was with was thrown from their sleds. Some of the more persistent riders fell several times. But before the fall, I was “meh” on the sledding, so I stand by my opinion.

After the adventure I learned that it would have been helpful to have a person sitting in the sled to prevent tipping and provide stability. This was not mentioned by the guides. You also want to keep the breaks on hard when going around a turn, over rocks, or when your dogs are fighting with the dogs of the sled next to you. The guides gave this helpful hint after I fell.

Dog Sledding-003
My sled coming home without me on it.

Dog Sledding-001
Dog Sledding-005

Dog Sledding-006
Dog Sledding-007
Dog Sledding-008

The dogs were very sleepy after the morning run.

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