Bad Road

snowy road

Can you see where the gaps in the roadway are?

Neither could I. Most rural roads in Mongolia have multiple sets of tracks, but not here.  Some of the snowy lines and some are trenches filled with snow. We found out which were fake racks when we slipped into a steep-walled ditch.

During our January road trip out east, we had mostly easy driving. The roads were flat, muddy areas were frozen, and holes were packed with snow. But, on a rural road we encountered a stretch that was bare and black and white and looked so crazy that I snapped a few photos.

Surprise!– Just after taking this photo we got one side of the car stuck in a hidden trench. So much for the flat roads. We were completely stuck.

Eventually a truck came by and pulled us out of the ditch after a few tries. I still consider it lucky that we didn’t have to hunker down in the car for the night (which we were prepared for)– that truck was one of two vehicles saw on the road that day. In the end what we had long heard proved to be true: In Mongolia you can always count on help in the countryside.

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